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New model pram 2018 BS360 !!!!!
This is the latest model of the Moolino pram. Is a revolution among this type of trolleys. And all thanks to an innovative technological solution that allows you to rotate the gondola in the blink of an eye!
In addition, the gondola has the function of changing the stroller, so there is no need to store an additional gondola.
Big wheels (front 20cm, rear 28cm !!!) conveniently move, even through a bumpy road. Thanks to the use of foam technology, there is no need to pump them without sacrificing comfort, and most importantly! You will avoid punctured tires that prevent you from returning home.
Gondola / stroller
Leather, adjustable handle
Big wheels 20 and 28cm
360 rotation function
Integrated brake
Carrier in the set with the possibility of mounting in a rack
shopping basket
Rain cover and mosquito net
set  3 in 1 koster - 5000kr
Waiting Time is 4 weeks.


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