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Bebetto Luca S-line Pram Reversible Seat , Car seat - Collection 2018

Bebetto Luca S-Line
Universal baby carriage – its frame accepts a bassinet, a stroller seat or a car seat interchangeably. The pram version is intended for children from one month to six months (maximum weight: 9 kg), the stroller version – from one month to 3 years (maximum weight 15 kg). Modern lightweight aluminium frame is provided with swivelling front wheels, which corner effortlessly around narrow store aisles. In more difficult terrain conditions the wheels can be locked for forward movement to make the steering easier.
Features & Benefits:
 Patented and avant-garde lightweight aluminum construction;
 Amortized frame and the ability to adjust the hardness of the suspension;
 An innovative folding system of bogie frames;
 Central brake on the rear wheels;
 Swiveling front wheels equipped with a direction memory system DMS and shock absorption system SAS;
 Pumped front and rear wheels, can be locked;
 Upholstery and trolley bag made of an unusual material;
 Adjustable backrest of the bassinet;
 Bassinet with rocking function can be locked;
 Adjustable canopy;
  Adjustable height of th handle;
 A handle for carrying the bassinet;
 Bassinet PVC with ventilated bottom;
 The ability to rotate the stroller seat in the two directions of travel;
 Adjustable backrest of the seat in 3 positions;
 Extension of the canopy in the stroller version;
 Stroller seat suitable for children under 6 months
 Adjustable footrest in stroller version;
 5 point safety harness with height adjustment;
 Removable safety barrier in the form of a bellybar;
 Trim protect consolation from the effects of negative radiation (UV50);
Car seat:
Our stationary customers usually decide on buying different car seat. That is why we let you choose what car seat do you prefer! We let you chose between 5 car seats. Basically we send car seat in black colour (Bobostello car seat will be in the grey colour suitable to the stroller and Ramatti Mars  will be in color: heaven), but if you want other colour let us know and we will check availability. All car seats are for babies in weight 0-13 kg and adapters are included! Car seats available:


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