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iCoo Grow with Me 1 2 3 High Chair + Rocker + Crib bug - Collection 2018

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iCoo Grow with Me 1 2 3 High Chair + Rocker + Crib bug - Collection 2018


Product Description:

There are many 3 in 1 sets out there. But the iCoo Grow With Me 1 2 3 high chair + rocker + crib is an extra-special one: This practical piece of furniture is a crib, rocker and high chair all in one.

The base and groundwork of it is the ultra-light aluminium frame. It’s practical telescopic function always brings your child to a comfortable height, and helps support their back. While you are pulling out weeds in the garden, simply adjust the iCoo Grow With Me to its lowest setting. This way you won’t need to move much from your gardening position to comfort or calm down your baby when they need it. On the other hand, if you are busy whipping up a delicious meal, then you can adjust the iCoo Grow With Me to its highest setting, to have your baby right next to you as you’re standing up.

There’s no need to hurt your back bending down all the time. An arm’s length is enough, and your baby will be comforted by the nearness of Mum and Dad. Two wheels make this frame mobile, allowing you to roll the crib, rocker or high chair to wherever you want it.

If you choose to combine the frame with the included crib, you will end up with a soft, comfortable bed for your baby’s first few months of life. Babies feel especially at home in these small, enclosed little cribs. And if they can see Mum and Dad through its small side peep window, then that only increases their sense of comfort and protection.

When the horizontal position becomes too boring for your child, the rocker attachment with generous padding and ergonomically formed seat/sleeping area comes into play. The back rest can either be set to upright, slightly tilted, or fully reclined.

The calming vibration function offers a touch of pure luxury. You can even attach an MP3 player, so that you can play your child’s favourite music to lift their spirits wherever they are.

Once your little one can sit upright by themselves (at approx. 6 months of age), the iCoo Grow With Me 1 2 3 high chair + rocker + crib transforms itself once again – this time into a high chair. When this attachment is fixed onto the frame, its telescopic height adjustment really shows its strengths, and even lets your child sit at the dinner table with the rest of the family.

Finally, the additional features are an ergonomically formed seat, the foot rest that adapts to your growing child, and the removable and washable toy/dinner tray. Once safely in place using the 5-point safety belt, dinner time can really be a source of fun!


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