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4moms BounceRoo Baby Bouncer - portable

4Moms BounceRoo Electric Baby Bouncer silver plush - Collection 2018

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4Moms BounceRoo Electric Baby Bouncer silver plush - Collection 2018


Product Description:

If mum and dad are out and about and the baby needs to be rocked, the 4Moms BounceRoo Electric Baby Bouncer is the ideal companion. To entertain the baby or rock the little one to sleep – and you only need one single device. The lightweight BounceRoo is easy to transport and does not require mains electricity. How convenient. You can use it at the beach, when going to the park or in any other place where you do not have mains electricity. The baby rocker runs on three AA batteries. The 4Moms BounceRoo Electric Baby Bouncer has three vibration settings (bee, wave and heartbeat) and a choice of three speed settings for each. So parents can decide what their child likes best. The removable toy balls provide entertainment. The child can play and train his or her motor skills while discovering the world.

The BounceRoo Baby Bouncer can be used from day one thanks to the separately available newborn insert. The bouncer is suitable until the child weighs 9 kg and can sit unsupported, and your child will have lots of fun in the bouncer in that time. Incidentally: all materials are machine washable and easy to change. So even mealtimes in the baby bouncer are fun for parents and child alike. The bouncing movement works without a motor.
The baby bouncer is available in different designs. 4Moms have thought of everything in designing this modern product. If Mum or Dad want to have both hands free for a change, the BounceRoo Baby Bouncer is a good companion in the parents’ everyday life. And the child’s comfort also takes highest priority. 4Moms are known for their innovative products and this applies to both technology and design.

Description special features:

3 vibration settings and speeds
Choice of vibration settings: bee, wave and heart
Choice of intensity: high, medium, low
Battery powered for transport
Lightweight and mobile
Rocks without motor
Removable, washable dangling toy balls
Materials suitable for machine washing
Suitable from birth to 9 kg


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